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Choose. Create. Publish. Your Notary in the Cloud - Post, Timestamp & Create Smart Contracts. Use Blockchain to Protect your Trademark, Audio, Video, Document, Article, Patent, Invention, Agreement, Ideas, etc

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Create/Upload and Post, Time-Stamp or Publish Your Data, Documents & Smart Contracts in the Verifiable Public Blockchain

What is Blockbook™?

Blockbook™ is a decentralized system/platform powered by core Blockchain Technology

Blockbook™ leverages Blockchain Technology, to provide you with Smart Contracts, Semi-Decentralized Cloud and a Manipulation/Tamper-Proof history and storage of your data and documents, via Blockchain Posting and Timestamping.


How to use Blockbook™

1. Create/Upload Content

Use our powerful Blockchain Editor™ to create/upload your Content or Smart Contract for the Blockchain.

2. Publish & Insert

Publish and Insert your Content or Smart Contract into the public Blockchain.

3. Confirmation & Certificate

Receive Verifiable Blockchain Post Confirmation, Blockchain Time-Stamp Certificate, or Smart Contract Certificate with Source Code.


Why Choose Blockbook™ Blockchain Platform?

*3-IN-1 Platform: Create and Manage all your Blockchain Posting, Time-Stamping and Smart Contract projects in one platform.

*Direct Access to the Top Main Public Blockchain Networks in the World: Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Dash, Steem and Fatcom.

*Two-Factor Authentication with maximum hacker-proof security.

*100% Complete Absolute Privacy! Your files or data can NEVER EVER be shared with or released to anyone else apart from YOU regardless of the circumstance!

*FREE Posting & Timestamping in the Blockchain, using Steem Blockchain, Blockbook™ Blockchain powered by EOSIO Blockchain, and Blockbook™ Blockchain Server powered by Bitcoin Blockchain.

*The Platform is Securely Connected 24/7 to the Bitcoin Blockchain via Blockbook™ Blockchain Server, i.e All your Published/Updated Data and Documents are automatically Timestamped into the Bitcoin Blockchain for FREE.

*Post rich contents, documents and data to the Bitcoin Network using Blockbook Certificate™.

*Create cloud based immutable Paper Trails or Proof of Work for your contents with Blockchain Editor™.

*Use your immutable Paper Trails/Proof of Work and Blockbook Certificate™, as a valid third party evidence in a Court of Law during any litigation process.


Top Reasons To Choose Blockbook™

*Complete Access

Access to the Complete Blockchain Technology – Blockchain Posting, Blockchain Time-Stamping, and Blockchain Smart Contracts

*Immutable Evidence

Create an Immutable Proof of Work and Paper Trails for your Content – Data, Documents, Smart Contracts, etc.

*Support Litigation Case

Support and Prove your Litigation Case with your Immutable Proof of Work, Paper Trails and Blockbook™ Certificate in any Court of Law.


Perks for Blockbook™ Users


Blockbook™ offers full-stack privacy of your data and documents, providing confidentiality at every layer — from the platform application, to the blockchain network, down to the nodes of the cloud storage. This allows for trustless privacy, where data and documents are protected automatically with strong security guarantees.

*Blockchain Eco-System

Cryptocurrency Eco-System powered by Artificial Intelligence, where you can buy and sell thousands of goods and services securely with cryptocurrencies.

*Public/Private Chat + Email

Securely Chat with other Authors/Users using Blockbook™ Chat, or use our Blockbook™ Email to contact other Authors/Users directly, to receive help, advise or share ideas with the community.